Thank you Kelli. It really is because of you and the Angels, guides, goddesses and God that I am where I am at in this better place. Thank you just doesn’t cover it

- Sharon

THANK YOU sooooo much Kelli!! I needed to hear ALL OF THIS!!! As ALWAYS I so APPRECIATE your words and help through my situations. Just have to add…I’m so HAPPY I talked to you when I did!!!

- Joan

I believe that you are directly responsible for saving my sanity.

- Jan

Thanks so much for today! I feel on target and alive :)

- Amanda

Again, you have gone beyond unbelievable. You have made a tremendous difference in my life again today. You nailed it.

- Larry

In 2010, my husband took his own life after a long bout of depression. YOU worked with me and helped him to cross over. And that brings me peace of mind daily… Thank you so much.

- Brenda

I am in deep gratitude for the spot on reading and advice on linking up. Again, the nudge that I needed to take action. I have been hearing to pick up the pen again and start writing and I have done this a few times in the past few weeks but not consistently so this was great confirmation!

I believe that there are exciting times ahead for all of us and for myself it is just getting out of my (head) own way, trusting and just doing it.
Many blessings!


- Peggy

Hey Kelli – I have been meaning to write you for quite some time. I think of you every single day as my life has changed since the day we first met….I am so grateful for you and your work and your generosity. You truly have impacted my life in a way that is probably greater than any other influence ever. ever ever. :)

- Jessica

Thank you so very much for your reading for me – I feel very blessed with all the validation you have given me. So thank you very much – I was ready to let it all go – however your message gives me the strength to carry on – including my paintings. You are a blessing and a gift from God.

- Silvia xxx

Were your ears ringing last night? :-) Lori and I were just talking about you and how you can calm us down. I told her that is why I print off your responses and reread them, and her, your text. I just want to say a huge THANKS for taking the time to help me through life :-)

I appreciate everything you have done for me!!!!! :-)

- Joan

I want you to know that I have thought of you every step of the way – every single day. I know I would not be where I am today without having crossed paths with you, Kelli. Sometimes when I look back, I don’t even know how it happened…I mean, I kinda know how it happened, but I also know I don’t really need to understand how it happened…Iyanla Vanzant has a book; which I’ve never fully read, but the title has forever stuck in my mind: One Day My Soul Just Opened Up….that’s kinda how I feel….that with all the “But, Kelli” objections I had, one day my soul just opened up….That would probably be the name of my book if I ever wrote the story: “But, Kelli…” haha But seriously, I wanted to write to say thank you for everything. THANK YOU. For every EVERY EVERYTHING. I have extreme gratitude in my heart for you and all you’ve given me. Thank you so so very much. I see myself thinking and reacting differently from how I used to think and react so long ago (well, really not-so-long-ago but you get what I mean).

- Jessica

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you and your willingness to share your gifts with others. Because of your generosity and willingness to share your gift of spiritual guidance, along with Goddess Kuan Yin and Archangel Michael, I am — *for the first time in my life* — learning to trust and listen to my intuition, leading my own life, rather than letting others do it for me. For this, I am eternally grateful to you and Goddess Kuan Yin and Archangel Michael. Thank you

- Stacy

Thank you again so much for everything today, Kelli! It was such an incredible experience.


- Britt

You have a powerful gift. Thank you for opening a door in my life I didn’t know existed. Thank you for finding my voice and giving me guidance on how to express it with confidence and power. Thank you for honoring your gifts and helping me find and honor mine. Meeting with you is truly a life-changing event.

- Deb

I want to thank you for such an awesome experience last week. I just received the audio of my reading and am listening to it as I am typing this email. Wow! What a blessing to be able to listen to the reading all over again, tears are flowing with gratitude for all that you and my guides have shared with me during my reading.

I came across your website several weeks back and kept coming back to it and really feeling led to contact you and I decided to trust my intuition and make an appointment. I was a bit nervous to have a reading, because unfortunately some readings can be so vague and you leave them feeling empty and disappointed, but that was not the case working with you.

I always felt on some level that we have spirit guides, but have never had this confirmed for me until my reading with you. I felt stuck and felt that I had lost myself and my life direction. To be introduced to my guides, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Goddess Sedna and Goddess Kali is such a blessing. You not only introduced me to them, but also explained why they are my guides and what they will help me to accomplish in this life. To know that they are always with me and are eager to help and guide me is so incredible. I have been calling on them, feeling the peace and seeing the synchronicities that come with working with them.

You are so easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable sharing my life long heartaches with you, including the death of my mom at the age 5 from suicide. I have walked around for 43 years not knowing why my mom would CHOOSE to “abandon” me. She didn’t come through that day, but you and my guides were able to explain to me the reality of what my mom was going through in her own life and how much turmoil she was experiencing in this world. You helped me to understand that my mom was trying to break the generational ties of struggle and hardship, so I wouldn’t have to endure the same. This fact alone, has helped me to know that her heart was in the right place and she was not trying to “abandon” me, but to help me. The healing that is taking place because of that knowledge is invaluable.

In closing, I would like to share this experience with you, since my reading…

The other night I had a really horrible nightmare where I saw my husband die in front of my eyes in a car accident. I knew it wasn’t a premonition, because some of the dream was just too silly, but that part of the dream seemed VERY real. I was so upset that I was awaken gasping for air, crying and was really shaken. My feeling was that I had just lost my entire life, the man who I adore more than anyone on this earth.

It was around 4 in the morning when I awoke and my husband was in his office, so I immediately went to him and when he saw the physical reaction I was having, he didn’t know what to think. I explained what had taken place and he held me as I stood there crying from deep within my soul. I have never had a dream like that and it really affected me in such a deep way that I was full of anxiety, fear, and overwhelming sadness. Of course, I told myself that it was only a dream and everything is fine, but I just couldn’t shake those horrible emotions.

I decided to try and go back to bed, but couldn’t fall asleep and that is when I had the thought to call upon Archangel Michael and ask him to please remove the fear and give me peace. I closed my eyes to try and fall asleep and all of a sudden I was shown a HUGE boulder of ice and I knew that the boulder WAS the fear. I then saw a HUGE sword slashing through it and the HUGE boulder of ice (the fear) became a bunch of little chunks and slivers of ice, that fell to the floor and immediately melted before my eyes into a small puddle of water. Immediately all the overwhelming fear just vanished and total peace came over me and I was able to fall back asleep. It was AMAZING!

Over the years, I have had people say to me ” Oh, you don’t need to be afraid, because don’t you know that the meaning of fear is False Evidence Appearing Real?” I would know they were speaking the truth, but saying those words never took my fear away. What really did help me was Archangel Michael showing me he is with me and he will protect me, even from those things that I may perceive to be real, while we are working on KNOWING the truth.
I could go on and on, but I have a fire within me to work on my jewelry and I’m sure I know where that fire is coming from, Goddess Kali and Archangel Raphael. Thank you God…. for Kelli Spencer and all my Spirit Guides or Divine Helpers as we have lovingly nicknamed them in our home!
Many Blessings!

- Sharyn

I just want to say I was so impressed and inspired by your channeled response to my email question. I have had many readings done for me since 2003/2004 and the majority have all told me my life path/gifts are coaching and working with gifted children. As you can tell I have ignored all of this wonderful insight because I was still floundering in what was it that I was to be doing with my life. That is until I received your channeled message.

I realized I didn’t pursue my life path because I was scared to branch out of the norm. I never knew how to market my gifts to the mainstream of life. I was insecure and fearful of being made fun of. I felt I didn’t have all the knowledge I needed to look like an expert. That is until I received your channeled message.

Your guidance has opened my heart to receive so I can give back to others. I am moving forward in pursuing my life path of coaching gifted children and adults. How it’s going to look and when it’s going to start and where it will take place are still up in the air but I have started meditating so I can find out these answers. I am so excited and humbled to finally believe in myself and my gifts and getting to work with wonderful children.

Then, today, I had a revelation while I was watching YouTube videos on Indigo children. My son is an Indigo child! I have known this for a long time but never believed it. My library of books are full of Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children books but they have been untouched, until now. I have known about these children for years and felt “pulled” to study them. But I didn’t. I went down other avenues of learning. I now know that I took the long road to get to where I am today but it was well worth it. Everything I have learned and experienced are tools I get to bring to other children and adults who are struggling to find their place in this world. That is so cool!

I honestly believe my son, Ethan, chose me to be his mom because I will help children like him (Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, etc.) change this world. But most importantly, I believe he has helped me to love myself and my gifts. He has ignited my passion, my soul’s purpose for being here in this lifetime. Ethan has been struggling behaviorly in school since 1st grade. Each year I get the same comments from his teachers, “He is inattentive. He is disruptive. He isn’t challenging himself or he isn’t applying himself to his daily assignments. He gets up and moves around the class or talks too much when he shouldn’t be doing this.” And the list goes on regarding his inability to focus in the classroom and his disruptive behaviors. Every year I would talk till I was blue in the face to Ethan about these comments. I feel like I am a parent who is failing to get my child to understand the rules of school. Even today, I had just emailed his two teachers he has in 5th grade because of the similar comments, like the ones listed above, they made on his recent report card. I asked for their guidance in how to stop these behaviors because I don’t want him to be known as the “disruptive student”. Then I sat and listened to a couple of Indigo YouTube videos and realized my son is just fine. He is not disruptive by his standards, just by the conventional educational standards. He is bored with school – always has been. He isn’t focused because he isn’t doing something that interests him. But when I talk to his Art teacher she praises him up and down about how creative his artwork is and how well he behaves in class and helps other students out when needed. Even at home all these years he rebells against my authority because I have been coming at him as a conventional parent, not a parent of an Indigo child. I cannot wait to start reading my books about these wonderful children. I truly believe that is my starting point in understanding my son and then bringing this information to his school. I know there are many kids like him who are getting labeled in the classrooms. I hope I can help shed light and knowledge on how gifted these children really are.

And I owe all of these awesome emotions to you, Kelli, and your channeled message I received. I haven’t never felt more alive within myself as I do today. I feel I have a purpose and I have no fear anymore. I have been doing a year long healing journey with myself and I can sense it is starting to pay off. Now I know why I felt “pulled” to connect with you in sending an email question about my life path. Thank you very much!


- Theresa

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. The information provided was extremely helpful and I must say YOU have changed my life forever! You’re gift has provided the opportunity for me to accept, embrace and share my gift.

- Lyntonette “Tone”

Hi Kelli, I just wanted to say thank you for our session we had with my mother. You have brought us such great comfort and we are forever greatful to you. You have an amazing gift and thank you so much for sharing it with us.

- Season

Thank you Kelli! You have been an unbelievable help for me over the last year and a half. You helped me change my whole life! I am of the utmost grateful to you and if there is any way I can ever support you and what you are doing please just let me know.

- Anna

I just want to thank you again for the email reading you did for me in October. Since receiving your email, I have felt this unexplainable sense of relief…like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I really can’t even explain it, I have not made a conscious attempt to change my attitude, but even other people have commented on how my attitude and “way of being” has changed to be much more positive and peaceful. I am not sure if you did some type of ‘blessing’ (?) during the reading, but whatever you did, it worked! So thank you, to both you and Goddess Quan Yin, for this hope and peacefulness I feel within.

Thank you for sharing your gift,

- Stacy

Your reading was so beneficial for me. My husband and I did separate 2 weeks ago. It was difficult at first but now that we have been apart for a while I feel so much better. I’m so glad that you have the courage and confidence to share the information you receive. It can’t be easy to tell someone that their marriage may end but thats what I needed to hear. My intuition was telling me that it would be time to move on soon and it was so helpful to get that reassurance from the reading. It can be so hard to find clarity when your emotions are mixed in with the situation. Thank you to you and the wonderful universe that guides us.

Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

- Jessi

Thank you so much! This is EXACTLY what I needed … just a little “nudge” in the right direction. The help you offer is so wonderful – I am so thankful that I’ve had the pleasure of having you introduced into my life.

Thanks again! You are the BEST!!

- Brenda

Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you. It was a true pleasure and eye opener to what has been going on and the direction I need to take. It was a spark and the clarity that I needed. You have a fabulous gift, and I have been sharing with others my great experience. I look forward to working with you in the future!

Thank you again for all your insight, truly one of the best sessions and experiences I have had.

- Christine

As always Kelli………..thank you!thank you!thank you! This is exactly what I needed confirmed….ALL of it! Just my one face to face meeting with you & my emails…….you have helped me allow me to become me again. I am so grateful. Thank you.

- Rebecca

Thank you very much for sending the mp3 of my reading. I just finished listening to it for the first time, and I am so appreciative I will have it to reflect back on. Thank you again for taking the time to meet with me; it was a wonderful, enlightening, and insightful experience. You have an amazing gift, thank you for sharing it with me.

With sincere thanks,

- Stacy

I know I speak for Jenny when I say, we, too, feel blessed to have you in our lives – and in our business and our partnership. We know we wouldn’t be as clear as we are and as certain of our work as we are, without you. So, thank you, Kelli, for your important part in all of this, for the exquisite job you do in getting our guides’ messages to us.

Angels blessings,

- Susan

I am still reeling from all the information I received. I have listened to the tape 3 times and hear something more each time. I also took notes and have started to work on the suggestions that were given to me. Anyway, to say thank you again seems rather insufficient.

- Magg

Thank you Kelli! It is a life-changing/passion-affirming session. So much gratitude and love :)

- Chase

I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and help on my new journey. Your wisdom and clear simple approach is a blessing and I so appreciate all your extra time and efforts – they mean so much and help so much and I am so grateful!

- Lisa

Kelli, I just wanted to tell you that you truly are awesome! I felt such a connection with you! I have had many readings in the past but you are the top!

- Anita



Thank you for the beautiful message. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I was feeling stuck but now I know what I need to do. Thank you for sharing your talent and gifts.

- Patti (Heart Openings, Truth and Techniques article)

If you’d like to take advantage of the message Patti is talking about, it’s located on my blog page under Angel Messages named Heart Openings, Truth and Techniques.

Hi Kelli, I enjoy your articles…this one is another one that I can identify with. Thanks!

- Joan (Past to Future article)

Hi Kelli, Thank you for your wonderful newsletter – as always it is very insightful and inspiring. Thanks again for all that you are and do!!!

- Lisa (Past to Future article)

Thank you so much for this inspiring article, Kelli. This is really timely for me and hit home, so it was very helpful.

I appreciate you and your work!


- Britt

Thank you! What you have and what you do is truly a gift, keep up the good work.

- Danita

Thank you Kelli for the Spiritual Aspect newsletter yesterday! I love getting your emails. You are a wonderful person!

- Amy

I really liked this message. One of my most difficult challenges is time. I often feel like I don’t have enough time to do everything I “think” I “need” to do “right now!” Your message was a wonderful reminder and put into words what I know in my heart but let my mind override. I copied your paragraph on page 4 to keep in my writings: “Instead of wasting time and energy…… know that in the right time everything will be as it shall be.” Wow! You have created an incredible circle of Love around you supporting you and I am sure that they are just as grateful to you for your part in their lives also, as am I also. Thank you for all your work, your insights, and your support. You empower me.

- Diane

Hi Kelli,

I just wanted to say thank you for another great newsletter! It is exactly what I needed to read right now, which always seems to happen with these newsletters!

I also laughed out loud at the long title comment. Sounds like a fun show!

Anyway, I just mostly wanted to send a note of gratitude.

So thanks, and take care!

- Britt

Hi Kelli. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself in your last news letter. Your quite a brave soul. I know it has helped many people including myself. You have given us a lot of food for thought and reflection.

Thank you Kelli,

- Lorraine

Kelli — I do want to let you know the newsletters you send are WONDERFUL. I look forward to reading them as they’re very insightful. I like it when you talk about you and your life. It’s not just a bunch of words that I’m reading but you are talking from experience. I am in a good place these days and it’s due to my many talks with you. Your newsletters seem to keep me on track and I’m still learning.

- Gerry

I just had time to read your latest newsletter today and it surely does fit me as well (as you know). How timely (surely not a coincidence) I read it today when your radio show is tonite.

It is so amazing how certain triggers can bring back negative emotions. The pain I have now brings me back to how I felt years ago, helpless, without support, scared of the future, BUT this time I know that I have the power to do things better. I will recover, I can make my life better and I have great support which makes all of the difference. So you see, Kelli, your newsletter hit home with me today.

Just thought I would share my story with you today, as it seemed very fitting.

- Diane

Hi Kelli, I wanted to share this with you real fast!! I HAD too!! Great job on your Radio Show Last Night!! I was not home when it was live but I listened to the rebroadcast. I can always so identify with you!! I remember when you 1st started your news letters and you were saying you felt a little funny about doing them but you were nudged..and they are always so perfectly fitting when you send them out…and you be assured it is the EXACT same way with your radio show. And I want to say YOU GO GIRL!!! And Keep it up ..I was on last month’s live..

I thought that was so cool ..the call from that guy that was out there just searching on Blog Talk Radio..he went on the website looking for answers and affirmations and Guidance about his Community Center… and he found was again PERFECT..I loved that!! So I was just thinking about the things that you talked about last night and I could write a book about what I have been dealing with in my life right now. I did call for Goddess Kali’s Help..I am familiar with her some because I have followed Doreen Virtue. I have a few decks of her cards..and I was nudged to do my Goddess Cards..have not done them in a very long time…It blew me away what came up…1st Mauve…that is fitting..then Artemus of all Goddesses I thought..I have used her as a screen name sometimes because her name has to do with the name Diane..and I like here…and what she is saying is exactly what I have been doing in my matter I am in right now…then Diana…that was my affirmation that this card reading is loud and clear and true..I was told Draw 4…then there she was Kali…geeeez! LOL How cool is that??


- Diane